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Virtual Optimal Healthy Living Programs & Services

Do you want to work with one of our Optimal Healthy Living Coaches but live too far away or don’t have time to get to a facility that we offer services at on a regular basis?

You don’t have to come to the gym multiple times per week with IMpact FITness’s Optimal Healthy Living’s Virtual Coaching & Program Design Services.

Our virtual coaching services offer two great program options. You can get assessed once per month and have one of the highly skilled Virtual Coaches write you a customized program that not only will help you reach your goals as fast as possible, but ensure you are doing it right.

Our services include:

What it includes:

  • Consultation & Intake
  • Assessments & Check-Ins: Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, or As often As needed
  • Nutrition Session
  • Monthly Goal setting
  • Program design based around your goals and equipment access – Updated Monthly, or as often as needed
  • Printable workout cards with links to exercise videos
  • Bi-Weekly goal follow up via email
  • Priority Email Access
  • Optional Skype/Google Video Call Training sessions available if needed/wanted
  • & More

What will be included will be dependent on the choice you make for your virtual coaching service & the level of service you opt into.

We can write & design your workouts to be at home, other gyms, your work, or even a park. We can write a program to fit your needs no matter where you will be working out.

Ensure that you train optimally & smart no matter where you train with IMpact FITness’s  Optimal Healthy Living Virtual Coaching Program Services!

Virtual  Program & Service Options:

Personal 1-on-1 Virtual Coaching Service Subscriptions

We offer three subscription levels (Standard, Elite, High Performance) with a few packages to choose from. 

Our Virtual Coaching subscription packages range from $150-$555 a month. Click the button below to schedule a call to discuss which option may be best suited for you.


DIY (Do It Yourself) Programs & Services 

Don’t need someone to push you every day, or just want to save money while still getting the road map to find the physique you want? The DIY Personal Program Design option is perfect for you! You will receive one of our world optimal healthy living dummy-proof, 100% customized to your goals, diet & training regimen that will tell you what, when, where, & how to carry out your plan.

Nutrition & Meal / Diet Program

Workout Program

Full Package (Comes with 1 Free month of Virtual Coaching)

Supplement Plans & programs 

Specialized DIY Programs & Services: 

IMFIT Plans & Ebook



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